Timeless design, hidden technology

The hallmark of the QUATTRO is its profile, bringing finesse to its purist design. It conceals all the functional elements allowing the curtain to take center stage. The timeless multi-award-winning design is available in the three models SOLO, MEZZO and MINI as well as in different surface finishes.


Hidden technology

QUATTRO’s purist design is impossible to mistake for any other profile, making it truly unique. Thanks to being offset to the rear, the runner track and gliders are invisible. What remains is a continuous visible surface on the front, with an almost silently gliding curtain behind. The SOLO and MEZZO models of QUATTRO can be mounted on ceilings or walls, while the MINI model was specially developed for uncomplicated ceiling installation.


Product details

  • Size
    23 x 12 mm
    30 x 12 mm
    38 x 12 mm
    max. 600 cm length

  • Profiles
    Rectangular profile
    1 | 2 runners

  • Installation

  • Surface finishes
    matt black
    matt white
    chrome high-gloss

Versatile in color and materials

The wide choice of high-quality materials ensures the perfect harmony of technology and fabric. SOLO 38 x 12 mm and MEZZO 30 x 12 mm are available in the following finishes: Titanium, chrome high-gloss, aluminum matt, black matt and white. MINI 23 x 12 mm in aluminum matt and white. All artline profiles are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany.  


Flexible décor

The geometry of the QUATTRO series profiles in combination with the high-quality materials from German pressing plants creates scope for enormous flexibility. QUATTRO profiles are extremely flexible providing options for the implementation of creative interior solutions.


Measuring 38 x 12 mm, with a maximum length of up to 600 cm, SOLO can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling. It is available as a single and double-track profile and in a wide range of finishes. SOLO is by far the most flexible profile from the QUATTRO series.

Measuring 30 x 12 mm with a maximum length of up to 600 cm, MEZZO can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling. Like SOLO, the single-track profile is available in five different finishes.

MINI measures 23 x 12 mm and was developed specifically for ceiling installation. The single-track profile has a maximum length of 600mm, available in aluminum matt and white.

QUATTRO Installation videos

With our expertise and many years of experience we have put together videos explaining step by step how to install our curtain systems to make mounting even easier.


Excellent quality – Made in Germany